Brome Fair is turning 160 years old!

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You're invited!

Brome Fair means something different to everyone coming through the gates.

There are the diehards that have never missed a fair and some that have only missed a year and remember it with regret. Many others are new to the experience and can’t figure out how they missed out on it for so long.

There are the visitors that come from near and far to enjoy a day filled with activities, food and fun. Others come to relax or to meet up with friends and family. It is undeniable, Brome Fair is The meeting place, for as we know, ‘’All roads lead to Brome’’.

For some it’s a chance to get involved and volunteer, to make their mark in the community. Many of these are filling their family member’s shoes from previous generations. They are the lifeblood of the fair, working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Some come with expectations for the weekend. High hopes for a first prize ribbon or great sales of a new product are constants. Many leave with new friendships, memories and traditions too.

This, and much more, is all part of Brome Fair's past, present and future.

Join us this year in celebrating 160 years of everything that Brome Fair means to each one of us. There will be activities for everyone all weekend and a special birthday party on Sunday before the Big Parade.

Hope to see you there! A party like this is once in a lifetime.